10 cat inspired products you didn’t know you needed!

With the market growth, many producers have created cat inspired products that us cat owners can enjoy!

1. Adorable cat coasters

cat coasters

These high quality coasters are antislip and a must have at home!
Look at those cute little faces – there’s even a grumpy one!

2. Beautiful cat vacuum flask

cat flask thermos

Top quality and fancy, aren’t they delightful?
Mind control? That’s my cat right there!

3. Cat ceramic mug

You might have seen them before, they’re quite a trend!
I have a full set at home – or must I say, had. My friends keep taking my cat mugs!

4. Cat design slippers (open and closed)

Just purrfect to chill at home!
Padded and soft, like walking on a cloud!

5. Cat hoodie sweatshirt


Chilling at home? It’s cat hoodie time!
Great for those relaxing days at home with your kitty.

6. Cat Minimalist iPhone case

cat iphone case

Now this is a classy and cute case!
There are versions for Samsung and Huawei also!

7. Cat night light

cat night lamp

Also a trend, these colorful silicone cat lamps are a cute touch to any room.
I like to leave them on the blue light. What do you prefer?

8. Sterling silver cat earrings

cat heart silver earrings

Fancy jewelry for all occasion!
There is also a pendant, a ring and the full collection at a special price!

9. Cat Ears Elastic Headbands

Now your cleansing routine is complete!
I must confess, I’ve taken some selfies with these on!

10. Paw fingerless gloves

Perfect for manicure days on windy seasons!
Resultado de imagen para Paw Fingerless Gloves
How can you resist having those beautiful cat paws? There are many color choices!
Which one do you like better? Did you already get your hands on one of these? Leave your comments bellow!
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